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So How Do You Calculate Stake & Profit For a Wide Range of Bets?

Starting day 1 of your journey to sports betting, it’s pretty sure that you wondered with such stuff that you’ve never heard or seen before. Well, you are not alone as everyone else does. Let’s face it. No one likes to memorize series of formulas just to know the possible betting outcomes, stakes and returns. From odds to predictions and down to computing your winnings – all are seem to be bringing daily headaches on your part. This is the main reason why betting calculators are designed for.

Here at Dafabet, we not just encourage our players to just to place bets wherever they wish to but we’re more on educating them about the computations of winnings as well as responsible betting via our bet settler. In this way, they will be aware of both the benefit and the consequences during the outcome of the betting events. However this doesn’t mean that we’re stealing attentions of any other bettor existed in this world. You can actually find many free bet calculators just by browsing over the internet. We might not possess the best betting calculator but this guide includes some complex and refined aspect of betting, odd compilation and staking plans contained it all. Also check our betting guide here.

Free Betting Calculator

Fine, no more side comments. Let’s get straight to the point. So how does a betting calculator really work? Well, there are a few types of betting calculator and that one that you are here for is the so-called multiple bet calculator. This covers classic bet types and accumulators with the options rule 4, dead heats, each way and the computations. Multiple betting calculator works by selecting a number of betting selections which include parlay options such as Heinz, Lucky 15, Canadian and Lucky 15. It’s really up to you to choose what type of bet you are comfortable with. Then, next is the odds for your respective selections. If you wish to know the each way outcome, you need to check the “each way” option. Lastly, all bets are not valid without the stake. This is the amount of money you are willing to wager in exchange with the wining returns. Press the calculate button and voila! You now have the possible returns.

Basically, betting calcs can be used at any sport but most of the time people ask about football bet calculators and horse betting calculators. The main reason is that these types of sporting events required converting of odds, staking plans, and betting profit calculations. However, the same approach is applied event with special events, novelty bets or political bets. Here at Dafabet, we don’t just offer bet returns calculator but we often used what our players are asking for and the ones that are very common in the betting industry such as Union Jack, Round Robin and parlays.


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Learning The Basics

No one in this world is born with the betting genius attribute. In fact just by landing into this page, you are taking your first step closer to become a punting expert you’ve been sure dreaming of. Sometimes, sports betting consensus really becomes the basis of most players around the world and that is far from the real probabilities of wining. This is the big factor that made us live into 100% assumptions. Knowledge in sports stats is truly different from betting points of view. Just by getting hook up into the news about the latest happening for your favorite football club can’t let you win a couple of bucks. But let’s say you have the mentality of figuring out 100 reasons Oklahoma City Thunders will win against Golden State Warriors. Yes, they are different skillsets but the second one is widely applied compare to the other.

Moving forward to Advanced Betting: Stake Plans & Arbitrage Betting

Basically betting is about common sense. Don’t get ripped off by some of the self-proclaimed betting prophets promising to help you with their excel sheets containing the fixtures and picks and then ask you to download something. Now what? You’ll end up putting your credit card details for a piece that is worth nothing. If you wish to grow your money then having the proper staking plans helps you increase your winning probability. If you wish to have consistent profits then there you have it the arbitrage betting calculator. Basically, this is a betting approach that involves trading for a betting activity considering the odds with guaranteed profit.

Often this betting strategy is also known as surewins, miracle bets or surebets. To tell you the truth, placing bets in all event outcomes would always result to loss in terms of profit. It implies with the same bookmaker at the same time. What would you do so if you can have a sure chunk of profit margin when placing bets on two different bookies considering the odds are different? Let’s take a look at the example below. The same outcome only different in terms of odds value but as you can see there is this 4% arbitrage combining the odds for both players which automatically guarantees return.

arbitrage betting

Each way, Odds Compilation & Cross Market Arbitrage

One of the benefits of free bet calculator is that you don’t need to have and Einstein brain to come up with the results. The analysis and maths are all done for you. However at some instances, most bettors are blinded by bookmakers offer considering the potential profit. One of the most common scenario is the so-called “each way” betting. This approach is a wager offered by bookmakers considering the winning bet and a place to bet. To tell you the truth, most people mistakenly tick the each way bet without considering the consequences.  Well, in fact it is then used in crucial situations wherein you are sure that no other winning option should take place.

Common Bet Types:

Whether a beginner or and advanced bettor, you have to familiarize all the common betting types that can be seen on most bookmakers around Asia and UK. You don’t need a word for word memorization as long as you have the idea how each bet type works. Many folks think that all bet types have the same computations but they aren’t the same considering the bet calculator being used. So, to avoid confusions, here is the list of “what is” for respective bet types you might find interest.

What is Single Bet?

Often known as straight bet and as the word suggests, single bet means single selection only. In comparison with other bet types, it’s easy to calculate the profit in single bets or the so-called winning bets. Let’s take a look at the example. Let’s say Everton has the odds of 7/1 to beat Sunderland in their upcoming match and let’s say your stake is $100. Therefore, you will get $800 (combined stake and profit) when Everton wins and of course you will get nothing in case they loss the match. Most bookmakers have single bets in their option since it is the easiest bet type to understand.

What is a Double Bet?

If single bet only covers one outcome, a double bet pertains to two outcomes. Considering the odds, double bets have higher compared to single bets. Well, in terms of potential profits, double bets are better since you have two options for the outcome and so the probability of getting profit increases.  This is applicable during leagues since there is a possibility of having dead heats at the end. In the same way, the matches are help concurrently. So for example the double bet option wagers both Arsenal and Celtic. When you bet on two teams, you win. Otherwise, if one of the teams failed to win, you don’t get the payout.

What is A Treble Bet?

Just like double bet, a treble is pertaining to 3 possible outcomes of the betting event. This type of multiple bet involves rollovers. That means, the returns from the first outcomes will be rolled out to the next outcomes. Although this type of bet is risky since losing one selection can result to zero returns.

What is an Accumulator Bet?

As you can see, the types of bets depend on how many outcomes they cover. In an instance that the bet cover four or more outcomes, it is then known as accumulator bet. The name varies depending on the bet changes considering the number of selections. For example, when a bet covers 4 selections the bet is called fourhold bet covering four parts as fifthhold, sixthhold, seventhhold etc for the succeeding number of selections. Often, the accumulator bet is also referred to as “Parlay”. It could be a combination of double, treble and other types of accumulator bets. An accumulator bet has the pros and cons though. Let’s say your stake is $100. It could easily turn out into tenth fold once all the bet selection wins. On the other hand, 1 incorrect bet could result to zero payout. Good thing with accumulator bet though is that it offers high returns even for a couple of stake casted.

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